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Hi. I’m Brian Kavanagh otherwise known as The Sophisticated Caveman.

I’m a creative professional with a special place in my heart for food- especially the tasty and nutritious kind that I can cook myself.

Passion for food is in my blood.

Growing up, my grandfather (a former army cook) would express his love for us by the amount of food he could manage to stuff in our bellies.

My mom seemed to inherit this family culinary love language. From an early age I found myself helping out in the kitchen, learning from her and later experimenting with my own recipes.

Unfortunately my love for food also had some negative consequences on my waistline.

Through the years I struggled off and on with my weight, although I never really felt I was eating that poorly. I wasn’t consuming mountains of junk food, just plenty of “healthy” whole grains and pasta.

Somehow no matter how much I starved myself or exercised to exertion, I simply couldn’t loose enough weight.

In 2012 something within me clicked. I stopped counting calories and grams of fat and started looking at the actual ingredients in my food and where they were coming from.

Through my research, I soon discovered the Paleo movement and it was a revelation.

I stopped counting calories and grams of fat and started looking at the actual ingredients in my food and where they were coming from.

With minimal effort I started to shed pound after pound and get in the best shape of my life.

While I don’t know if going Paleo is for everyone, I do believe that its core message – eat real food – is universal. With this creed always in mind, I try to keep things simple but with an added “touch of class.”

I’m here to share what I have learned with others as I continue my journey towards becoming the most sophisticated of cavemen.

john capetola

Sunday 7th of March 2021

My Caveman brother, U killed it with the mushrooms. Therefore I killed it when my guests totally enjoyed your recipe. I'm not a chef,just an outdoorsman that loves to cook. I can pass on a couple of my own caveman creations if it's ok by you. I'm a charter boat Captain and deckhand. So fish is a major staple in my kitchen. Along with venison and the occasional duck. Eat fresh,eat local and don't be afraid to try new recipes and never be afraid to Chef It Up! Thanks my brother Neanderthal. Fish til U die! Live offshore! Chef it up!


Sunday 14th of February 2021

Wow Brian, you seem to have a groupie! Your dishes look wonderful. I’m definitely going to try some. By the way congratulations on finding your way to healthy eating.

Carmen Bernadine Drake

Monday 18th of January 2021

Suppose to have said amazing flavour..

Carmen Bernadine Drake

Monday 18th of January 2021

Tried the recipe on baba gan.... from gluten free magazine and what an excellent recipe. I used organic hemp oil and snaking flavor. Thanks as a nutritional consultant I enjoy the opportunity of trying whole food choices and delicious recipes..

The Sophisticated Caveman

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Yum!! Great to hear that you enjoyed the baba ganoush!!


Monday 5th of October 2020

Dear Caveman, A guy (a sort of caveman) who lives in a cabin near me found some oyster mushrooms growing out of an Alder tree just down the creek. Because he has a big heart, he shared some with me (Another, older, sort of caveman). I first tried some with olive oil. Hmmm. Needed something. Then I went online and found your site. Thank you for your guidance, What a difference ! Thank You !!! Yum. I see more foraging in my future (Already onto the nettle and watercress). However, reading your introduction, I got worried. A caveman striving for sophistication....? um, and some years down that road, more concern.... Uh, DON"T DO IT CAVEMAN !!! you are FINE just the way you ARE !!! Just drop IN, dude. Sending love, Ricardo